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Python Consulting

Expertise to implement best practice for clean, quality Python code.

Custom Application Development

Simple, robust solutions that scale with your business.

Continuous Support

Hosting, upgrades, and maintenance to keep your application running smoothly.

Project Management

Expertise to ensure projects get delivered on time, under budget, and fully featured.

DevOps Assistance

Professional assistance in setting up software infrastructure and deployment pipelines.

Python Training

Courses to help your software engineers improve their Python proficiency.

Recent Blog Posts

Float vs Decimal in Python

Learn the differences between floats and decimals in Python, common issues, and when to use each.

Five Advanced Django Tips

In this article, we’ll dive into advanced django tips, including Q objects, annotations, prefetch objects, custom querysets, and custom model managers.

Making Concurrent HTTP requests with Python AsyncIO

In this tutorial, we’ll look at Python example code that demonstrates how to make concurrent HTTP requests using HTTP connection pooling and AsyncIO. Our example code uses HTTPX, a new Python HTTP library with support for AsyncIO, to fetch stock prices concurrently.

Setting Up a Modern Python Development Environment on Ubuntu 20.04

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through setting up a Python development environment on Ubuntu 20.04. We’ll install tools such as pyenv, pipx, and poetry to help manage our python versions, python tools, and python packages. This set up helps us isolate any python projects from each other and from the system interpreter.

Vetting Dependencies: Ensuring Software Maintainability

In this tutorial, we’ll look at when to include a new package dependency in your software project. Low quality dependencies hinder upgrades and the maintainability of software projects. This tutorial will teach you how to set a high bar while searching for new dependencies to include in your software project.